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The Different Types of Antennas

Posted in Construction & Renovation

If you are look at digital reception of your TV program, there are a variety of digital antennas for TV from which you can choose and each one suits a specific purpose. You need to understand the benefits for each so that when you are planning for one for your house, you opt for one which matches your requirement. Though HDTV antennas are quite popular, there is no difference between a digital antenna and a HDTV one. There are however those which are digital and analogue ones. The difference between them is more in terms of getting better channel frequency rather than the signals it can detect.

Types of digital antenna

Watching TV is a favorite pastime among most of the residents in every household of Australia. But to enjoy it, there is a need to have an antenna which can collect signals from the TV stations. This can be done by choosing from different types of antennas.

UHF antennas indicate Ultra High Frequency and are `line of sight’ antenna. This indicates that they work best when they are placed in line with the main transmission tower of the TV station. They are smaller in size but the reception is quite phenomenon. Likewise, VHF antennas are Very High Frequency ones and are more flexible as compared to the UHF ones.

Also they do not need to be placed in the line of sight of a transmission tower to receive signals. They are much larger than the UHF ones and their frequencies are lower making the antenna to have bigger surface.

They can also be either uni-directional or multidirectional antennas. while the former one is designed to collect signals which come from one direction, the latter can receive signals from any direction.

Likewise, they can be either indoor or outdoor antennas. the indoor ones are small in size and can be placed anywhere in your home be it on the TV or near it. They can receive the desired television signals and the most prominent one is the humble rabbit ears. It can receive both digital and analogue signals.

However, the outdoor ones are those which are much larger in size and needs to be placed only on the rooftop. It helps in getting better signals which is usually better than the indoor ones. The outdoor antennas can receive similar to indoor antennas both digital and analogue signals.

You now have a choice of different types of antenna which have been introduced over the years and help in enhancing the quality of reception of signals. You can take the advice of professional digital antenna installer to choose the type of antenna which best matches your requirement.