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The Different Kinds of T-shirt Printing

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To have your t-shirt printed the way you like it can be very fun. You create your own design, you can add pictures, and you can make a statement out of it. You can find many shops online that cater to this kind of business. You have to select a t-shirt printing store that has already made a good reputation, meaning, the design selections are varied, the customers can make a design of their own, and the fabric that they use must be of top quality. Apart from that, it can also be interesting to know the kind of online t shirt printing method they use.

Screen printing

This method of t-shirt printing uses inks and screens which are made of a wooden frame and mesh screens. This is usual the method used for bulk orders. The procedure involves adding an emulsion or a chemical on the screen which copies the image or the design to be printed on the t-shirt. This step is called burning. It is then exposed to light in order for the emulsion to harden and come up with the design on the screen. This hardened design on the screen is then pressed on top of the t-shirt and with the use of an ink and a squeegee. It is then allowed to dry. The advantage of this method is the cost, as the materials are inexpensive. However, this method has limitations like it cannot be used if you want to add pictures on the t-shirt.

Digital printing

This is also referred to as direct-to garment printing or DTG. This method employs the use of expensive inkjet printers for t-shirt printing. The inks are specially made for garments so it will absorb the inks easily when injected on the shirts. Though a bit pricey compared to the screen printing method, the advantage is that there are practically no limits when it comes to designs. Pictures of persons can be printed on the t-shirts.

Heat transfer printing

In this method of t-shirt printing, a specially designed paper is used for copying the design. After the design has been copied, it then passes through a heat press machine so the design will be copied on the t-shirt. The apparatus used is not as expensive as the one used for digital printing, thus, this method of t-shirt printing is popularly used in many t-shirt printing shops.

There are still other kinds of printing, but the above are the most widely used in t-shirt printing.