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The Difference between Good and Bad Shop Signs

Posted in Marketing

The first thing that attracts a customer into a shop is the shop signage. Whether you are a kiosk vendor, a retailer or a large business chain, shop signs play an important and efficient marketing and advertising tool for your services. Shop signage is an effective tool to capture the attention of the public and turn them into your customers. Even in this age of social media, internet ads and coupon websites, store signs remain a highly effective promotional medium.

So you must give a lot of thought while designing your store sign because it is the first thing that the passing public will notice about your store and you can’t afford to lose potential customers. 

Visibility Is the Key to Success

Make sure that your store sign is highly visible and that it does not block walkways and potential areas of your shop. People should be able to notice and read your store sign and so the location of your signage should be well planned. Also the colour scheme, lighting, graphics and the size of the sign should be planned well. Shop signs are a cost effective promotional medium. If done correctly they can prove rewarding for your business by turning your location and the passing public potential for you.

Excellent Quality

Since the store sign is going to represent your business image, making it look professional is important. With the availability of new softwares and high quality printers, anyone can make their own shop signage, but if you want to avoid the risk of creating a bad store sign, then hiring an experienced signage professional would prove rewarding for your business. Consult the Signages Sunshine Coast for your store sign.