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The Advantages of Cloud Printing

Posted in Marketing

Cloud printing technology is the natural extension of the mobile age which is characterised by mobile internet, electronic media, virtualisation and cloud computing. If you want to print information or any document that is readily available at any place, anytime and anywhere, you have to fall back on this new technology called cloud printing. Following are some benefits of cloud printing.

Environment Friendly

Commercial printing or cloud printing is an environmentally friendly and sustainable printing solution for all kinds of corporate needs and marketing strategy. Cloud printing offers printing on demand. This reduces the wastage of paper and destruction of the green cover on earth. This eco-friendly, ‘green’ mode of printing significantly lowers paper consumption and protects the natural environment.

Location Independence, Hardware Independence

It is the printer manufacturers who run the printing technology today. But cloud printing allows users to make use of any kind of printer model, made by any manufacturer. Users and corporate employees can choose any end device of their preference to utilise the facility of cloud printing. Cloud printing is also not restricted by your location, which means you can print from anywhere using any printer you like.

Secure, Scalable and Manageable IT

Commercial printing services such as cloud printing is ideal for small, medium and large companies. It doesn’t matter if you work in a complex information technology environment or a highly distributed network or in a more conventional network – cloud printing is compatible with all. You will have the entire cloud printing process under your control because of the central print management technique. Authentication at the printer and print job SSL encryption guarantee print security.

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