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Terms & Jargon’s For Plumbing

These are some of the commonly used phrases and jargon by plumbers. So the next time you face an issue in your house water or drainage system you know how to convey it to your plumber in the language they understand best.


No, you might be an expert in biology, but in plumbing this holds a different context not even remotely connected with what you thought it to be. It is in fact a small connecting pipe which helps to hold two pipes or any other kind of fittings together.

O Ring

Space Shuttles and these O rings do not get along. This is a water tightening mechanism used in valves to prevent leakage of water. It is round like an O and is essentially a rubber washer.


Though it does look like one, it is not the familiar reptile we are all scared to death about. It is the called the friendly plumbers’ snake and is long and coiled up in appearance used essentially for cleaning clogged drains. It is flexible and made up of metal.

Sweating the Pipe

This phrase refers to the process of soldering of a joint of pipes or fittings to avoid water leakages. Check the services of plumbing Brisbane.

Hardness Leakage

The hardness of water in the form of calcium and magnesium deposits present in the mineral bed is what is referred to here in the plumbing scenario. 


A water filled ball like mechanism for controlling the water flow in a toilet flush tank which is based on the principle of gravity.