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Structural Timber Used in Australia

Seasoned softwood is another common variety of structural timber which is sourced from Radiata Pine that has been seasoned properly in kilns. This type of timber is structurally very strong and dimensionally very stable because of which it is used for constructing roof trusses, wall frames and decks. The material is easily available and is quite affordable. Seasoned softwood is often chemically treated to increase its resistance to termites, insects and moisture and enhance its lifespan. Different grades of seasoned softwood are available depending on the extent of chemical treatment provided. For example, H2 grade is suited for inside use as it is resistant to termites whereas H3 grade is suitable for outside use as it has been treated for protection against rot apart from termite and insects. Similarly, H4 grade is used for non-structural outdoor use such as garden posts and edges and H5 grade is suitable for decking and pergola. H6 grade of seasoned softwood is appropriate for structures in contact with saltwater such as jetties and piers.

Seasoned softwood also comes in different finishes so that you can select just the shade and colour you want. For example, rough header is easily identifiably by its distinct lines whereas DAR pine has a smooth finish on all the four edges. Treated DAR primed F/J is manufactured in factories by joining smaller pieces and finishing the final product with a smooth polish. Treated Pine DAR Primed has similar qualities but is manufactured from one solid timber instead of multiple smaller pieces.

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