Specifics that a Video Production Company is Against

Video production Brisbane has over the years grown to be a lucrative business. In line with the numerous talents available, the market is thronged with incredible videos that are meant to entertain and add educational value to the viewer. The extent of how this business has grown can be depicted on how luxurious movie stars live their lives due to the large sums of money they receive. Not to forge, the video producers have also benefited a great deal. It may seem like an easy task to complete, but video production entails a lot of rules to be followed. In this article, I write out the don’ts of a video production company.


1. No general liability or errors and omissions insurance

This coverage may stand at about 2 million dollars thus making most video production companies avoiding such insurance covers maybe because of using licensed material from other sources without permission. This is unacceptable to most video producing companies. It is recommended that video production companies notify their staff of these liabilities in order to avoid any misfortunes.

2. General services in everything

A video production company will want specific services thus being professional in that area and not a general specialty which makes the company sound not professional. Due to the competitive nature of the business, it is of great essence that a video production company employs personnel who are knowledgeable and experienced.

3. Using the web, social media or marketing

Most video production companies detest the use of social media, web in shooting videos which differs from creating videos for broadcast as viewing behaviors are very different online. Other considerations include hosting options, delivery platforms, conversion techniques, social media aspects of videos and many other factors occasioned with the web.

4. Only doing corporate videos

Corporate videos alone is not enough and should be combined with television or film in order to make substantial revenue which supports the business in the long run and for much more despite paying the bills alone.

5. Creativity without business results

Many awarding companies consider creativity without looking at the business returns or results which give an ignoring impression to the revenue side. Many video production companies advocate for the consideration of the results as well.

6. Using the same technology or equipment for the last five years or more

Video production companies try to change the technology and the equipment they use every 5 years or more so as to meet the current market shift in demand and supply of the desired quality video output thus being competitive