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Some Key Off-road Caravan Accessories you Must Have

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Australia is blessed with some of the most amazing terrains on the earth and only an off-road caravan can make it possible for you to enjoy all of it to the hilt. When you want to be truly adventurous and venture off the beaten track, you will surely be headed for some remote areas in off road caravans where regular services for comfort and entertainment are not available. But don’t let that spoil your enthusiasm; instead equip your caravan with some cool and practical accessories that will make your travel truly enjoyable, stress-free and memorable.

Cool Accessories for the Exterior

Lifestyle Camper Trailers & Off Road Caravans are best enjoyed for long-distance travel through diverse and hostile terrain. Understandably you would want to carry certain essentials without which you just cannot travel in style and comfort.

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Awnings are absolutely essential when you want to stop at a place, put your feet down and relax for a few days. Rollout awnings can be set up in super quick time and you can just fold it up and mount it on the side of your caravan when travelling. Some models require poles while others do not. Optional walls extend your living space further thereby maximizing your comfort zone under the open sky.

Portable Water Tank with Outlet

Portable polythene tanks are equipped with heavy aluminium shields that prevent jerking and movement during travel. You can also install a gray water tank to hold your waste water and conserve precious natural resource. The tanks come with outlets for easy draining and fittings for connecting a standard garden hose.

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