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Small Business Flyers Design Tips

Posted in Marketing

Promotional business flyers is a very useful and cost effective form of advertising that is used to promote small businesses, exhibitions, local events or simply product and service promotion. However, users can always end up wasting money and paper if your flyer is not attractive or interesting enough to the people. To make sure that doesn’t happen, focus on the overall design of your flyer and make it as good as it can possibly be. Here are some design tips provided to make your business flyer attractive as well as interesting for the people to take notice.

Use big and attractive imagery

As business flyers have space restrictions, you need to fill the space with as much content as possible. Images are more attention-grabbing than words, so put in a large and visually striking image in the top part of your flyer. This will help you grab the viewer’s attention. If you have multiple images that you would like to put in, group them in a single element to make your design looks clean. Hire Offset printing Sydney.

If people read the flyers and are not excited about what you are selling, then you have failed. The purpose of your brochure is to encourage people to perform a certain action, and get motivated to contact you for a good reason.

Hence, make your wording attractive and your theme enticing. These are specific call-to-action words, and every business or service has them in order to compel the audience to trust you.

Overcomplicating your flyer design is not a good design. In the interest of being flashy, you add borders, fancy texts, fonts, and too many pictures.

You may even throw in a background design to get rid the remaining white space. Keep it simple, but eye-grabbing to reach and appeal to every customer. Even your message on your flyers must be limited to a few words and only the most necessary information.

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