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Skill Levels in Waterskiing

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Intermediate skiers have either, restarted their skiing or they are moving one step ahead from their former skiing. They don’t ski with the purpose of learning more or with a competitive purpose. They ski just to have thrill and fun.

They are not interested in taking the challenges of skiing. Keeping the comfort factor of water skiing at first place, they ski at a very low speed. Having no plans of learning the advanced stages, they are not very experienced skiers and don’t have prior full skiing course experience.

Advanced Skiers

Having great skill in waterskiing, they ski every now and then. They can get into water anytime for skiing but don’t generally finish the entire course. They like experimenting with new techniques of skiing. They take skiing as fun and an adventurous sport.

Advanced skiers use jump skis, which are very long and light in weight, their light weight help the skiers to make long jumps covering a long distance in the sky.

Competition Skiers

Competition Skiers are articulate skiers, who almost ski on daily basis. Being short line skiers, they are always prepared to take new challenges and they keep learning the new techniques of skiing. They take the complete course of slalom ski.

Competition skiers use trick skis, which are used for the purpose of spinning, jumping and others. They are generally wide and short in size and don’t have fins. It’s difficult to get a hold of these skis, but they are easy to turn and suitable for sliding.

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