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Simple Home Based Techniques to Maintain and Clean Drains

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Blocked drains affect every home owner at regular periods of time. It requires constant attention and maintenance to ensure that your drains are kept germ free and clean. This itself will keep it from getting blocked too often. Some natural solutions can be applied to help you maintain your drains.  Hire the Blocked drains North Brisbane for maintenance and service.

Natural Scrubbing Agents

If you are a fan of daily use beverages like brewed coffee and tea, you can put used powder and tea leaves to better use when it comes to cleaning purposes. These agents act as natural scrubs and can help clean the entire pipe way in one shot. If you follow it up with some warm water, it will help keep the steel stain free too, to a certain extent. Most people have the habit of throwing used powder and tea leaves. Instead of throwing them into the wastebasket every time, save a bowl full of it once every few days and throw it into your sinks. When flushed down with water, the granules will help clean out the area and keep it hygienic too. Furthermore, it will help prevent unwanted odours too. However, if you decide to use this technique, ensure that you do not use too much powder or leaves. A large quantity may in fact block the drain instead of preventing blockages in the future. A few spoonfuls are all it takes to help maintain a drain.

Utensil Soap

Everyone has a good stock of utensil cleaning soaps to wash dishes. Once you are done cleaning the dishes for the night, collect some soap or soap water in a bowl and pour it into the empty drain and pipe way. It will clear the pipe way and drain thereby preventing odour and blockages.