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Signs your HR Department is not Paying Attention to Complete Team Development Activities

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Team building activities are an important way the productivity and the efficiency of work teams can be enhanced. However often organisations and H.R departments approach team building in a spasmodic ad-hoc way which leads to little or results. So what are the ways you can recognise that there is little attention paid to team building in your company? Learn to identify the critical signs.

There is no/ little visible progress

Sometimes team development activities do take place in the organisation but they happen in a recreationary mode. Employees tend to treat these activities as some sort of pleasant diversion and hence fail to recognise its critical importance. This is when employees revert back to old behavioural patterns within two days of the taught team building exercises.

Managers actually lose out on their perceived respect and risk being taken lightly when they implement activities which haven’t been planned properly. Team building ideas always have a goal oriented approach to team building to develop strong interdependent teams.

There are critical communication issues

Good communication lies at the heart of productive functional teams. When there are ongoing conflicts between key members of an organisation, power and politics create divisional groups that hamper team performance. As a team manager you should note each of the team members and how focused they are in achieving group results.

If employees seem de-motivated, de-spirited or are not happy about the organisational culture then it’s a sign that your human resource department is not paying enough attention to team building activities.