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Signs to Look for Before Deciding to Change your Accounting Software

Posted in Business Technology

An accounting package is something you use regularly in your business transactions. You rely on it for accurate information and computation related to several types of data that are crucial to your business operations. Maybe you are already using Xero software packages or a specific CRM system in your regular work. However, technology keeps on changing and you may feel the need to change your software. But before doing so, you must know the exact shortcomings in your present package and what to look for in the new one.

Invoicing Facilities

The Xero software or accounting software pack you buy should allow you to prepare valid invoices with a compulsory entry for purchase order. There should be a preset field in which you must enter the number in a given format. This way, there is little risk of your missing out on entering the purchase order or selecting numbers randomly.

Your billing process thereby becomes regularized, streamlined and more efficient. The software must also allow you to segregate the bills according to the place of origin (department, branch office etc) and centre of payment (usually the Head Office). This will make your bookkeeping operations smoother and less tedious.

Bank and Money Transfer Inputs

Transactions with the bank include a significant portion of your daily accounting duties. Invest in Xero package that automatically transfer all transactions with your bank to your account regularly. Through this facility, you can automate the entry of all your purchases and payments just by entering the correct figures in their designated fields. The software should also automatically update any money transfer. An integrated CRM system may also help in these aspects.


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