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Signs That May Help You Understand When You Water Tank Needs A Change

Posted in Construction & Renovation

If you notice a strange smell that wasn’t there before, it is a sure sign that something is wrong either with the supply or storage tank. Water tanks are built in such a way so as to protect the stored water from any foul smell or external influence. If it smells, you must immediately open the tank and have it checked out. In certain cases a smell could be the result of an animal or other product while in others it could simply mean eroding surface materials of an old tank.

If you seem to fall ill often

If you are otherwise healthy and do not often suffer from common illnesses like the cold, flu or stomach bugs but have experienced a regular bout of illness off late, check your tank. Stomach bugs can be caused by poor water conditions. If you are otherwise hygienic and still seem to be falling ill, then try to check your water tanks.

If you notice solid particles

The local water supply will usually send you clear and treated water. However, if you find bits and pieces of solid particles like dust, dirt, grime and more, then it is important to check your piping and water tanks out.

Eroding surface materials or paint may sometimes leak into the water, harming the content and quality and affecting the users too.

Water tanks are available in various different colours and are also light weighted and easy to transport which makes them a popular hit among the tanks.

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