Sign Writing is an Art

Your store sign should be able to convey the message of your business service efficiently in the least possible words. Within the limited space, your signage should be conveying to the passing public and the customers about your business, what the service is about, what are the products you have to offer, shop location and other relevant business information. But all this should be clear, concise, direct and simple without using too many words. Make sure that your store signage can be read easily. Just a simple catchphrase and some relevant images can do the trick!

A sign writer also needs to be fluent in English, and preferably other languages, and know how to dot his i’s and cross his t’s well.

The basic work requirements for this job are as follows:

preparing the signboard and laying out correct designs and lettering

measuring the correct letter size for the signboard

preparing the surface of the signboard for painting

painting the signboard by using brush, or spray machines, or a roller

tracing the design onto hard surfaces like wood or glass

hand painting designs, and embellishing it with gold leaf, enamel paint, and other techniques

re-painting and doing retouches on the signboards on site

Skills required for sign writing

Sign writing is a dying art. When once you could see signwriters perched top scaffolds and building roofs creating artsy looking signboards for their customers, you now see plastic and vinyl boards with readymade designs on them. But those who love the craft and keep the old feeling alive would know that sign writing is a skillful task that requires continuous creativity, a flair for detail and design, an eye for color, strong visual and special awareness, and the ability to work hard to meet deadlines. Sign writers should know their fonts well, and the basics of calligraphy and typography.

So the next time you see a hand painted signboard, take a moment to rejoice in the beauty of this dying art.

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