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Safety Ways to Avoid Knee Injury When Using a Treadmill

Posted in Health & Fitness

One of the most popular cardiovascular exercise equipment is the treadmill. A lot of people use this equipment to lose weight or strengthen their body. Studies have shown that about 30% of people who uses this have complained about the knee injury at some point of time. Here are some ways you can keep your knees safe.

Get on the right treadmill

Make sure that the treadmill you are using is of good quality. The manufacturer of the treadmill must adhere to the international safety and comfort specifications like having cushioned surfaces which break the impact of your weight. You will find a variety of treadmills on the market; all having varying levels of comfort. If you are buying Treadmills for sale, quality is something that you will have to look into, Make sure that you avail of the free trial option before actually purchase the machine.

Warm up and diet

Many people make the mistake of not warming up before their daily treadmill stint. Running on treadmills with cold and stiff muscles is a sure shot recipe for knee injury. Before you turn on your workout regime with full vengeance do a thorough warm up and then some comfortable stretches. This warm up session is meant to up your blood circulation, loosen the stiff muscles and tendons. Relaxed muscles are less prone to injury.

Adapt the correct posture

You must run in a proper way to minimise the occurrence of injury. Don’t land on the heel of your feet and make it a practice to land on the balls of your feet. Make sure that your knees are not overstretched and remember to keep them at least a little bended. Ideally take the advice of a certified running coach on the correct techniques.

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