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Safety and Awareness for Pedestrians while using Forklifts

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Forklifts are huge pieces of machinery, and like all heavy machinery used for industrial needs, they come with a set of safety instructions and guidelines. However, these safety guidelines are more often than not oriented toward the forklift operator and not toward other pedestrians or industry workers who may be present on site. 

Some of the common causes of accidents involving pedestrians and forklifts

A forklift driver is a highly trained and skilful employee. But sometimes when operating the bulky machine, he may not be able to pay much attention to his surroundings and this momentary lapse of awareness can cause many fatal accidents. Some of the most common reasons for accidents involving forklifts and pedestrians are:

The pedestrian did not see the forklift truck

In an industrial region, if the route taken by the forklift truck or nay other heavy duty machine is not marked properly then it can be really difficult for pedestrians to see the vehicle around blind corners and avoid a speeding forklift truck in time.

The pedestrian did not hear the forklift truck

Even though forklifts make a lot of noise, it can be difficult for a pedestrian to distinguish one source of noise from the other and avoid being in the path of a forklift. Also, if the pedestrian is wearing the regulatory ear muffs, a lot of the background noise will be muffled and accidents can occur as a consequence.

You can also rent forklifts instead of buying a new one.