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Safely Store Hazardous Goods With A Better Container Hire

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Hazardous goods can pose a problem when you try to store them in the same space where people are trying to work. Even if you work in a business that has need for these kinds of materials, you should have a place to store them separate from the rest of the business. One of the great ways you can do this is to use a container hire Sydney that has bunded flooring, plenty of space and the ability be stacked in case you need more storage space. This will allow you to get all those hazardous materials out of your business and into a location where they can be easily stored and accessed whenever you need them.

Get a Container with Bunded Flooring

The one thing about hazardous materials is they always have the ability to leak from their containers. As a result, you will need a container hire with bunded flooring. This will help to prevent the leaks from seeping outside of the container itself. While you will not be protected when you go into the container itself, at least you won’t have to worry about the spill causing additional problems. Best of all, when this happens in the container rather than inside of your establishment, you won’t have to worry about the effects it will have on the people who work within the building. Instead, it is contained within the container outside of your building.

Have All the Space You Need

Take a little time to look at the storage space you have right now to contain all your hazardous materials. This will give you a good idea about how much space you will need in a container hire. The standard size for storing hazardous materials is a 10ft container with bunded flooring. If the space you’re currently utilizing is larger than this, you might want to get additional containers to set alongside the original container. Having multiple containers also gives you the ability to separate the kinds of materials you’re going to store in the containers. This could allow you to increase the safety by storing hazardous materials on your property in case there is a spill of any kind.

Utilize Stacking When You Need More Space

In addition to having more than one container hire, you can stack them. This will allow you to take up less space on your property while still maintaining the ability to store all the hazardous materials you may have on hand at any given time. If you’re going to stack containers, you will need to have a set of stairs to access the additional containers. If you have the containers faced back to front when stacking, you will have the ability to construct permanent stairs leading to the second level of containers. You can even construct a platform going across the entrances to the containers so you only have one set of stairs to contend with.