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Roller blades – Wheel Terms You Should Know

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If you want to learn roller skating, you need begin from the basics. Before you start your learning classes, you need to learn the terminologies. These terminologies are used to describe the various parts of the roller blades gear.

If you know the wheel terms, you can easily understand what your coach is talking about while explaining anything about roller skating. Even while purchasing your roller blades, you will be able to converse and explain your requirements easily to the sales person.

There are a few key wheel terminology that you need to keep in mind while roller skating.


Roller skates mostly come with the diameter of 72 and 76 mm. The diameter will be twice the radius of 36 to 37 mm. If the wheel is smaller in diameter, then it will be stable but the speed will be lesser. It will also allow more room to manoeuvre the roller blades while skating. If you have a larger diameter, you will be able to move faster on the wheels but it will limit the room to manoeuvre while skating.

Wheel size

Wheels are necessary for the movement of the roller blades. If you are beginner, you should go with 70 or 72 mm wheels. Once you become an expert, you can go for the 76 mm wheels. The size of the wheels also depends on the capacity of the skates to take the weight of the wheels.

A 72 mm skate will take only 72.5 mm wheels. If you are professional skater, you will prefer a 76 mm stake which can load 80 to 82 mm wheels. You will get more speed if the wheels are taller.

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