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Reasons why Roller Skates are Popular

Posted in Health & Fitness

Roller skating has become popular outdoor activity worldwide for so many reasons. But the most important reason why roller skates have been popular for over three centuries has probably got to do with their health benefits more than anything else. So if you need a push to buy yourself a pair of skates, read on below for the reasons why you absolutely must have one now!

Roller Skating is low-impact exercise that burns calories easily

Roller skating is easy on the joints – which is good news for those of us who are not very limber, or haven’t exercised in ages. According to research, skating is fifty times less hard on your joints than an aerobic exercise of the same level like jogging, or running. So you have the benefit of burning calories while protecting your creaky joints. And speaking of calories, an hour of roller skating at 10mph can burn around 600 calories!

Roller Skating is a complete body workout

Skating involves and works all major muscle groups in the body and gives you a total body workout. So you need not run to the gym and do a routine that you hate, or spend lavishly on creating a home gym with the latest equipment. A pair of wheels will do just fine! Yes, you may seem a bit dorky but an adorable dork nonetheless! And if you are one of those who love to live in the vintage style, roller skating can be a fun thing to do on a date as well. There is no going wrong when you have a pair of roller skates with you!

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