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Reasons why Amateurs do Not need Work-out Supplements

Posted in Health & Fitness

It is a common tend now that all athletes and gym lovers must take a workout supplement that is apparently great for boosting performance and making their workout more intense. But if you are just an amateur athlete, or a normal fitness freak that loves pumping the iron in his neighborhood gym, do you really need a supplement to enhance performance?

Most top level athletes are now being told to stop using supplements because of the risk of unintended contamination that can be construed as doping. Workout supplements on the other hand are a different case altogether. These are dietary supplements that are used to increase muscle gain and promote weight loss so as to increase an athlete’s performance. They contain amino acids, weight loss products, vitamins, and organic products like creatine. The protein based products work on the hypothesis that by increasing the amount of protein in the body, you will increase your total muscle gain, and since more muscle is related to more power, you end up with an increased stamina to do more exercise or similar stressful tasks.

Gym Supplements also increase the health of your muscles so that you do not feel weary and your recovery period after a bout of intense exercising is reduced. The creatine supplements on the other hand, are broken down in the body to create ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) molecules which are used by the body to store energy. So the hypothesis at work here is that by providing more energy rich compounds to your body, one can increase one’s performance levels.

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