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Real Estate Agent – Q and A Time

Posted in Real Estate

Finding the ideal Solana Beach real estate agent for your needs is a tough job and if you don’t know what to look for or ask, you could end up selecting a real estate agent that is detrimental to the sale of your property or a hindrance in you finding the perfect new home.

Research and question is the key to finding the perfect real estate agent to suit your needs and requirements.

It is always a good thing to ask your real estate agent exactly how long they have been in the business. You want an agent that has experience but bear in mind that the real estate agent with the most experience is not necessarily the best one for you. You want an agent who has the experience to sell your home but also to complete the deal in its entirety and you also want the agent to be energetic and enthusiastic.

Ask your real estate agent about the properties that they have recently sold. Your agent should have sold properties similar to yours, in the same or similar neighborhood and in the same price range. Ask the agent if they have a database of prospective clients as they may already have someone in mind for your property.

Always ask your real estate agent what they think they will be able to get for your property and the basis on which they make that statement. The real estate agent must be able to tell you why they have given that price and whether it is comparable to other properties which have sold in the area. You don’t want to be tied down to an agent who makes promises but doesn’t deliver.

Request a time frame in which the agent expects to sell the property. He/she obviously won’t be able to give an exact time frame but it will give you a feel for the present market. Perhaps your agent can back it up with some information on properties he/she has sold in the area and the time it took to seal the deal on those.

Ask the agent for references that you can contact to find out specifics. How the agent treated their sale, whether they got their intended price and how long it did take for him/her to seal the deal are all valid questions.

Ask as many questions as you see fit until you are sure that this is the agent for you and the one who will sell your home with you in mind and not just their pockets.