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Push Scooter Tricks for Beginners

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Push scooters are becoming quite popular among many kids and adults for its ease of use. Similar to skateboards these scooters are widely used to do various tricks. This becomes even better with well fitted wheels and handlebars to support the rider. So for all of you riders, who are excited to experience the performance on your ride and boost your energy, learning and practicing a few simple scooter tricks can be fun.


Wheelie is a classic trick done on bikes which requires the rider to maintain the balance, while concentrating the entire body weight towards the back end of the push scooter. This trick becomes easy with a little practice and focus. You have to lift the front of the scooter using the handlebar, by letting off pressure from your front foot and using the back foot to keep the weight at the rear end.

The bunny hop

This is one of the easiest tricks, which looks magical if done in the right way. Push the scooter to a moderate speed which is comfortable for you. Hold on to the handlebars and bend down a bit and take a little jump from the board while you’re still gripping on the handlebar. Be careful not to pull the handlebar hard, while you land your body on the board with slightest force. Relax your body and balance your weight evenly once you land back. This way the board looks as if it’s attached to your feet even when you leap in the air.

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