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Now Is Your Chance to Purchase After Market Philippine Domain Names

Posted in Business Solution

You know the struggle: you wanted to buy a short, general and descriptive address so you can gain more website traffic, but that specific address was already taken. Through the first and only online shopping centre that offers aftermarket Philippine domain names, you can finally get what you wished were yours in the first place.

If you missed out on that sought-after domain name on the open market so many years ago, we give you the opportunity to own premium domains at prices that won’t break the bank. Make your domain address great by considering the following tips:

• Choose the shortest address and extension possible. Before, the Philippine tourism department used as their address. When they realised the disadvantage of having a long address, they switched to Reason? It’s easier to remember and to be honest, it’s catchy. The same reasons apply to why you should choose the shortest extension possible.

• Find a brandable, descriptive and general domain name. Domain names are beneficial when it comes to building your brand recognition. If you are offering steaks or a fruit market, you can opt for It’s descriptive yet general and when optimised, it can help you rank higher on Google in no time. Once you have established your well-earned ranking, you can expect nothing but increase in website traffic and best of all, increase in profit.

• Optimise, optimise and optimise. Whilst having the shortest addresses and extensions and getting a brandable, descriptive and general domain name can take you places, it is always best to take advantage of search engine optimisation techniques to remain on top of the SERP. Google’s algorithm is unpredictable and what works today might not work tomorrow.
With the help of our experts, we can help you optimise your website for maximum benefits.

Once you are ready to purchase after market Philippine domain names, browse our catalogue today. Whether you are after a premium address for your seaplane, freight, air-conditioning, construction or vehicle company, a myriad of online marketing opportunities awaits you at our shopping centre.