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Promotional Products as a Tool in Creating a Good Impression to Customers

Posted in Marketing

Promotional products are proven effective tool in creating goodwill and strong relationships between the company and their customers as market research had shown. There is a great way of creating a strong impression in the minds of your customers and it involves the correct use of promotional products.

Create a sense of psychological obligation

Ever wondered why established companies spend such astronomical amounts on manufacturing and distributing promotional products? There is something by the name of reciprocal obligation created by these gifts. This belief is built in the minds of most people since childhood “if someone gives you a gift you should do something for that entity in return”. Therefore the moment your potential customers receive an useful promotional gift from you they feel an obligation towards your business and the chances of a subsequent purchase increase exponentially. This sense of obligation is proportional to the usefulness and the attractiveness of your gift.

Create a wide scope of reach

The moment you distribute something as inherently useful and productive as promotional pens you basically create a path of reaching lots of new customers. The pen or a key chain or a calendar is a common item which can travel from hand to hand provided these products are designed in an aesthetically attractive way people will be sure glance twice at them. Make sure that your brand logo and message is displayed prominently and you can be sure that these promotional items will increase your brand recall value. With useful corporate promotional products you will never know how many potential customers en up seeing and appreciating your gift.