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Professional Wakeboarder Typical Requirements

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Most professional wakeboarders have their own boards; bindings; ropes; vests and boat. As you improve your wakeboarding skills and progress from a novice to a professional, you will be able to build your own arsenal through regular trial and error.

The Wakeboard

There are several renowned wakeboard manufacturing companies that are hugely popular with professional wakeboarders. Most of them have an impeccable reputation as far as the quality of the wakeboard is concerned. However, CWB wakeboards differ in their lengths and style of design and you will have to keep in mind your height and build while searching for a wakeboard that is perfect for you. Generally, professionals with small build use wakeboards that are between 125cm and 135cm in length; those with medium build used boards between 135cm and 140cm and largely build professionals use boards that measure between 140cm and 145cm.

Also, professional wakeboarders will always use boards having rounded edges because it is easier to manoeuvre them and perform air tricks with them. Such boards are easier to land and allow the boarder to reach higher speeds which is crucial while performing different tricks. Professionals will also use twin tipped boards that rounded at both the ends. Such type of boards allows professionals to smoothly switch directions midair while performing their stunning tricks.

The Bindings or Boots

Professionals use high back boots that are ideally suited for providing the best hold and stability during aerial stunts. Beginners should settle for bungy or sandal boots while people with mid-level skills can use adjustable boots. Bindings or boots are also available in open-toe and closed-toe varieties. Most professionals these days prefer closed-toe bindings as these provide a better riding experience and more control over the wakeboard. Closed-toe bindings are weather friendly and comfortable even during the cold winter months.