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Professional Conduct for a Wedding Photographer

Posted in Events

Have you ever been invited to cover a wedding event that eventually ended up being your last assignment? This could be one of the most complex puzzles in the life of a professional wedding photographer, his investment in skills and equipment notwithstanding. A major reason for this is usually bleach of aspects of professional conduct while on duty. This article will show you a few things that you should bear in mind if you wish to remain on the call up list of most wedding planners and friends.


Did your car develop mechanical problems on the morning of a client’s wedding, such that you had to call up the mechanic to fix things while the groom and bride waited for you to capture their first morning smiles? Well, at least now you know that for a wedding photographer there can never be an excuse for lateness. You were paid to film the entire event, and you must be there to honor your part of the contract.


Here is a wedding event with the specified theme as red color and gold, yet you arrive in a blue T-shirt and green shorts. There can’t be a better way to kill your photography career than this! Appearing out of sync with the event through your dressing will only portray you to the guests and event planners as being “not one of us”, and you will be marked from that moment on for exclusion from any other wedding. To save your job as a wedding photographer, you thus must appear to be a part of the event.

Changing Room

Once you get on location, where do you unpack your equipment, instruct your team and even your dressing, perhaps? There’s an important reason why most events have a changing room, and that is so you don’t have to do it in full view of the public. The guests want to see your team ready to cover the event, not how dirty your equipment bags are from last evening’s documentary assignment with farmer’s upcountry. So, look out for the changing room and come out as the best wedding photographer that the event planners could get.

Lack of foresight

You were signed up as the event’s chief photographer about a month ago, but you never took the time to meet with the event planners or the bridal party to thresh out the details regarding their priorities. Then this morning you arrived and found event planners who were only acting professional, but not really helpful on how events will be unfolding throughout the day. As a result, some of the most important aspects of the wedding catch you by surprise, simply because you were not aware they were about to happen. Friend, that’s how easily you bury your reputation as a wedding photographer. As a professional, make sure you schedule some time to meet the event planners and bridal party to thrash out the event’s details.

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