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Product Photography Tips for Jewellery Site

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Jewellery is a popular consumer item largely targeted by women. Online web-stores have recently started focusing on selling jewellery online. However, the quality of the picture matters most when customers choose jewellery pieces.

Professional product photography usually focuses on highlighting the best of a product to help inspire clients to buy it. Web based stores spend large quantities of time and money in taking the right kind of photographs to ensure that what they portray through the site is nothing but the best. View Branded Pen

Create the perfect background

Setting the right background is a basic tip and helps highlight the best of your product. When it comes to jewellery or any consumer durable or luxury product, it is important to portray the product as part of a setting. This is why you will always most consumer ads to have a setting of sorts.

Since the focus here is jewellery, it is important to focus on a background. The kind of jewellery you deal in matters here. High-end diamonds, gold plated jewellery and delicate pieces in short would be perfect when set against plain coloured backdrops. Economical jewellery, pearls and similar kinds can be shot differently.

Use props

If for instance you want to showcase a new pendant, the size of the product would justify the choice of props. You can always set the product atop a platform and take a top view picture. Props of various kinds like cushions, satin cloths, papers and more could be used for instance. You can set the jewellery piece against the prop to make it look more natural.

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