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Precautions to Take When Choosing Wood or Scouting a new Home for Termites

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Estate properties such as houses and commercial establishments need to be maintained and keep from pests. One of the most hazardous pests there is are the termites. Just so you know,  there are about 3,106 species1 of termites found globally of which about 350 species exist in Australia. Of these, only a few are considered as pests as these feed on wooden structures causing immense damage to homes, properties, buildings and other structures such as fences and electricity poles. The two most common species that thrive in the warm and moist climate areas inside homes are subterranean termites and dry wood termites. That is why, if you have just purchased a residential property, it is always essential to opt for treatment before moving in.

Dry-wood Termites

These type of cause extensive damage to wooden structures inside the house such as furniture, outdoor decks, wooden cladding, beams and rafters and so on. These are social insects and form colonies inside wooden structures which they enter through cracks or joints. They eat away the structures from within and you may not even be aware of the damage till it’s too late. Purchasing the right kind of wood is the best precaution you can take against a future termite infestation.

Selecting the Right Wood

As a homeowner, you have several options to choose from when it comes to termite-resistant wood2. These include pressure treated wood, timber that is naturally resistant to termites and composite materials that are made from plastic and wood. 

Pressure Treated Timber

This type of timber is extremely resistant to termites and decay. Special chemical preservatives are infused into the timber through repeated application of vacuum and pressure cycles. Once inside, the preservative forms a barrier against the entry of termites and moisture.

Getting the service of Brisbane termite inspection is really necessary to avoid future infestation and distraction.


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