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Pranks to Play at a Buck Party

Posted in Events

The groom or bride will be well aware that their friend’s are going to through them separate bachelor parties. It is usually the friends who manage events of these kinds. However, when couples or those about to get married are not involved in the planning process, they usually expect a normal surprise party to spring up at them at any time close to the wedding date.

Keep this in mind and try to plan a party at a time when the person in concern least expects it. That way, you can arrange for a sort of ‘faux’ kidnapping and ‘capture’ the person on any random day. Have him believe that it is a real kidnapping until you drop him off at the actual party venue and lay his fears to rest. While this prank should be performed carefully, keep in mind that it is not advisable to use it or play it on someone too sensitive because it could backfire!

Make him believe he has a plaster

You will require real skill to do this. Ensure that your friend is fast asleep before you try and put a cast on his leg; preferably on the day you are to have the bachelor party. Let him wake up and wonder what happened and when he tries to walk, you can easily click pictures and shoot videos. The initial reaction will obviously be to try and walk because the person will definitely believe he does actually have a fracture. This is when the fun begins.

Pull your engines and go on a road trip

A short road trip to a distant resort or a beach house, where you can party and have fun and make some noise without interrupting your neighbours can be an awesome experience. Let your bucks parties be a surprise. Chill out and have most of the fun you can while you hit the road. A group of backpacker buddies and some good music will make your drive even better. Take in the beautiful landscapes and enjoy the awe-inspiring sceneries and have an adventurous trip which is extraordinary.