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Portrait Photography Services

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Clicking little babies or young kids can be quite a challenge as their tantrums come without warnings. You cannot wait for them to pose for a perfect shot. It might take a lot of coaxing and tricks to make them camera friendly. Natural sunlight through a window gives a soft effect to the baby’s skin and also makes the baby less conscious. The background need not be fancy as the focus should be on the baby’s face, particularly eyes. Black and white baby pictures are a beautiful form of portrait photography.

Couple portraits

Couple pictures must depict love, closeness and affection. The portrait must capture the expression of the couple perfectly. Both indoor and outdoor locations can be used to make the pictures look beautiful. Poses can be dramatic to convey the love story or inspiration can be taken from posters of movies. A bit of intimacy in form of a hug or a soft kiss makes the picture much more meaningful and unique. See Bucks Party

Corporate profiles

There might be numerous events like conferences, formal dinners, launch days etc where you might require corporate photographs. These pictures must convey a sense of uniformity and discipline. The location and mood of the photograph should be formal. Corporate profiles must be best quality and require a high level of expertise and professionalism.

In case the pictures include certain equipment, the photographer must sync it such that it gives an overall pleasing effect. Also such portraits can be used to intelligently incorporate the company’s products.

For weddings, a touch of creativity of wedding photography and budget wedding videography Melbourne can make your profiles interesting and different.