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Popular Type of Ski Tubes

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Just like waterskiing, ski tube is one of the best water sports activities that you must try. When buying ski tubes, you need to know first the type that will match your need. What follows are some of the common ski tubes.

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Multi rider skiing tubes

This type of ski tube is the best for the families who want to spend time having fun with their children as well. It may not be safe for little children to ski alone for they may easily drown in water in case of an accident. This tube also gives them the opportunity to enjoy skiing to the fullest while being under the protection of their parents. They are made up of relatively harder and stronger material than the single rider tubes. They are also considerably heavier that brings down their speed a few notch. Special care must be taken while tying these tubes to the boat as the harness has to undergo heavy pressure. It is better to use strong harnesses.

Single rider skiing tubes

As the name clearly suggests, these types of tubes are specifically manufactured to carry only one person at a time. Given the fact that they do not need to carry much weight, they are made to be extremely swift and maneuverable. It is very easy to control them even at high speeds. They are more suitable for performing various tricks on water like jumping and flying at great speeds. Being so fast, they are also easy to store. They can be deflated and kept in a compact bag while travelling. They are also the most easily available and cheap ski tubes. They can be towed by the boat by a standard towing harness.