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Services of Plumber for Residential and Commercial Areas

Posted in Home Maintenance

If you experience any plumbing issues like leaky faucets or clogged drains or broken lawn sprinklers, among others, then it is time for you to look for a licensed and trusted plumber. Begin by searching in your local area and then read the reviews of his previous customers. Once you have selected one, it is important the he will present to you his license as a proof that he is highly qualified to do the task. Listed below are the various services of a plumber in both residential and commercial areas.

Residential areas

1)     Water heaters- heaters are not luxury but necessary for comfortable bathing and washing the dishes especially in temperate countries. The plumber can be called upon if you want to install tankless water heaters in your home.

2)     Lawn sprinklers- what do you do when suddenly you cannot operate your lawn sprinkler? Rather than fix the lawn sprinkler on your own which can only create a bigger problem, why not call your licensed local plumber to do the job. You’d be happy with how fast he can act on the problem and in no time, you can water again your beautiful lawn.

3)     Water leaks- do not ignore leaky faucets and act on it fast as soon as you discover that you have minor water leaks. You may not realize it but even minor water leaks can cost you a lot of dollars. Increased water bills plus the cost of bigger repairs if left to escalate to a major water leak problem.

Commercial areas

1)     Sewer leaks- Be it a supply or sewer lines that are leaking, these leaks are dangerous and provide inconvenience to work and operation. A simple water leak if allowed to escalate to a bigger problem can lead to damage to the objects where the water leaks touch. The services of the plumber must be called upon immediately in order to prevent damage and higher repair or replacement costs.

2)     Medical gas piping- this type of piping is used in medical and dental facilities and that it is why it needs regular maintenance by the licensed plumber. He is also qualified to terminate medical lines of gas.

3)     Repair and replacement of water line- if you have outdated water lines, then it is time for an upgrade and call your licensed plumber to replace the old water lines. This is done to ensure a continuous supply of clean water. 

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