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Planning your Lawn or Garden

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Government rules and regulations regarding water availability vary from one region to another. The growth of plants and grass in your garden completely depends upon the quantity of water used to harvest it. 

Bordering the Garden

Home builders generally create a boundary around their gardens. You can create the boundary with beautiful and fragrant flowers. Boundary around the garden not only makes it look good, but also protects it from animals and other distractions.

You can also use rocks or fence around the garden to create boundary and give them various shapes. You can keep experimenting with the shapes of rocks and fence at times.

Plan Pathways

Home builders don’t forget to make space for pathways in the garden. Pathways make the gardens more systematic, and when the garden has been watered, they provide a clean way to roam in the garden area. You can make the pathway using concrete with various designs. Pathways make it comfortable for you to take care of your garden. 

Raised Beds

Should you have limitation of water and space available at your house, you can use raised beds. The beauty of raised beds is that you can grow many plants simultaneously in the beds and use special compost in those beds.

Beds keep the soil clean, save the water from getting wasted, and therefore provide an eco-friendly solution. Home builders recommend building raised beds in the homes having restricted space available for garden.

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