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Pest Control – Inspect To Avoid Invasion

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Our lifestyle and satisfaction always depend on many factors, but some of the reasons are specifically external. Irrespective of our efforts to control our life and mindset about the same, these external factors cause damages to the same in a direct and indirect manner. These things play spoilsport at all points of time making the life miserable for us. Unless we find a solution to get rid of these menaces, we will continue to live a life full of frustration. One such grave thing that warrants immediate actions on an emergency basis is the termites.  The first and foremost step to remove termite forever is to have a thorough termite inspection.

Usual locations that Termites invade

There are many areas, which termites usually invade. Whenever you go in for termite inspection, ensure that you have checked these areas specifically for Termite attack. Some of the problem areas commonly affected by Termites are as follows: 

  • Fence Posts, windows and door frames
  • Basement exteriors that has wooden fixtures
  • Cracks in the walls
  • Cemented sectors that allow entries for Termites
  • Staircase slabs made of wood in particular and porch areas
  • Wooden decks, floor tiles, and subfloors
  • Supporting posts and Window Sills
  • Wooden Debris near the walls of the house 

Key things to look for during Termite Inspection 

Some of the specific things to look for while carrying out termite inspections are as follows: 

  • Search for wings of swarmers, which usually you can find near the windowsills, and lighting source. These can invade the wooden structures near them spreading fast to other nearby areas of wood
  • Termites breed in moist tubes filled with mud. Termites enjoy residing in mud tubes and spreading in other wet areas from there in a rapid manner
  • Check for all the wood logs around the house since Termites spread fast in them

Termite inspection in and around the house is a risky as well as a nasty job. Some types of termites cause skin infections if we happen to touch them or they come in contact with human body.  So while doing termite inspections, it is advisable to wear protective gloves.  Some may cause breathing problems to some people who are extremely allergic to termites.  Using flashlights will help conduct the inspection from a safe distance. Instruments like screwdrivers will also contribute to inspect the wood and logs to check for the strength of the same. Remember, weak logs, and wood indicates the presence of termites

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