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How to Choose Between Polishing and Painting your Wooden Floors?

Posted in Home Designs

Any house would look beautiful with wooden floors. What’s more important is to maintain the beauty or the aesthetic value of these floors. There are two major methods of doing this – wooden floor polishing and painting. It’s important to know the major difference between these processes, to choose the right one for your floor.

Based on the basic function

As discussed, you can choose between the two processes based on the basic function. Polishing can be done if you want to enhance the colour or beauty of the wooden grains. You can use it to remove stains and other dust particles. The colour of the original wood remains the same, and you just make it shine. Painting on the other hand completely covers the original wood, changing the colour, concealing defects, and the feel of the floor. However, polished floors have a unique look.

Based on finishing

Last option is finishing. Wooden floor polishing maintains the woody look and grainy finish. They look classy in most of the houses and come in matt and gloss finish. However, they might become dull or yellowish with time. Whereas painting can change the feel of the floor, can revamp simple less priced wood and come in different colours and shades.However, problems they face are flakes or peels and also take time to dry.

Wooden floor polishing is the necessary step to be taken to save the further decay of the floor. They can take some preventive measures in order to save floor from losing that upper layer by placing mats under the furniture. This will save the floor from the wrath of the sharp edges coming out of the furniture and touching the floor.

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