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Painting Tips to Enhance Your Home Exteriors

Posted in Construction & Renovation

The exteriors of your house are the first impression one has of your abode, and a house with peeling paint or run-down exteriors just isn’t inviting enough. One spends a long time deciding the look and décor of the house, but the flamboyance of your home and its insides can easily be camouflaged by a garden that is overgrown with weeds or exterior walls that are peeling paint. Here are a few easy painting in Melbourne tips that will help you infuse a fresh breath of life into your home, literally.

Look out for peeling paint patches

Small amount of chipping and peeling of paint is observed on trims or sidings. This exposes the wood under the paint. This results in wood not being protected by natural calamities like rain, wind and sun. It’s important for the paint to be intact so as to protect the wood.

The sign of paint breaking down is the chalky residue present on the wall. This is caused due to oxidation. If you find such patches on your walls, makes sure you contact a good painter and have them re-done before it causes more heartache and damage.

If you own a water tank, do a repainting to avoid any rusts.

Get rid of the mildew

The light grey spores of the fungus that can form dark spots on the paint are called mildew. It results in spores growing on the paint skin and slowly causing it to peel apart. It’s a reminder that the glossy paint applied to the house needs to be refreshed.

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Enhance  the decorations at home by adding window blinds.

When installing a solar panel at home, one thing that you really need to consider is the direction of the sun.

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