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Outsourcing Office Cleaning Services

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To solve your problem with hiring a dedicated staff or investing in cleaning products or professional vacuums, contact a trusted office cleaning service company. Outsourcing the maintenance activities of the workspace will get you the guarantee of a top-quality service at reasonable rates.

Qualified Employees
The employees are trained to handle your requirements. This will save your employees’ space and time so their work is not affected. Best of all, the favourable work environment is provided every morning.

Flexible Hours
Whether you want occasional or permanent contracts and whether you are a small company or a company with hundreds of employees, you can leave the matter in the expert hands. They adapt to any space and will guarantee reliability and high-quality jobs.

More Comfort
Outsourcing the office cleaning service to a specialised company will bring more comfort to space where you work or live. The benefits are quite numerous:

  • Doing business in a clean and fresh space offers optimism and improved productivity
  • A clean space reflects a professional image that you would like to impose on your employees and customers
  • Working with specialised staff in cleaning services
  • Equipment and solutions used are ready to offer the most demanding quality requirements
  • A wide range of cleaning services

Daily Operations 

Airing interior spaces (if necessary)
Collection, sorting, and disposal of garbage
Replacing trash bags in trash cans and putting them in special area
Removing dust and polishing the furniture and its annexes
Dust extraction and cleaning the carpet stains
Vacuuming, degreasing, rinsing, polishing floors of offices
To clean coffee makers, microwaves, refrigerators 
Emptying ashtrays in offices and hallways (if necessary)
Washing and disinfecting toilets
Completing garbage collection supplies
Vacuuming and washing halls
Washing windows, entry door access
Washing service stairs
Cleaning the railings

Monthly Operations

Dusting and cobwebs on walls, ceilings, cleaning equipment, computers
Wiping interior windows
Wiping windows
Dusting decorations
Clean the  radiators
Vacuuming and washing carpets chemical method dry or wet foam
Mechanised cleaning of marble floors
Clean wall and floor tiles in bathrooms

General Operations

Washing exterior windows
Washing luminaires
Cleaning upholstery chairs, armchairs and sofas