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Organizing and Optimizing your School Excursions

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Excursions or educational trips to museums are an effective way of augmenting the learning curve of kids. Kids are often very inquisitive, and when they see something practically, they learn faster, as compared to hearing about them theoretically in classes. School excursions in Snowy Mountains are a superb way of enhancing the knowledge of children.  By organizing an excursion in a systematic way, you can indeed optimize the results.

Objective of Excursion

Prepare the base for excursion at least one week before the trip. Let all the children know about their objective behind the trip, and what they would study in the museum. You can check their knowledge about the various objects of museum by asking questions.

If you find them, not having a good knowledge about the museum, take time in drilling them about the importance of museums, such as, why museums are made, and what are the key features of museum, they are going to visit.

Allocate in Groups

Before entering into museum, divide the children into a group of five, to ensure that your students are not spread everywhere in the museum.  In each group, you can assign various roles to the group members such as, leader, reader, photographer, spokesperson and scribe.

The leader will lead the group and motivate the members to actively participate in various activities. Reader will read all the guidelines in front of group members. Photographer will capture interesting and knowledgeable aspects of museum, spokesperson will describe their findings in the museum in front of the whole class, and scribe will jot down the important learning in the museum.

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