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Choose Ergonomic Options for Your Next set of Laundry Renovations

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Get your Washer and Dryer off the ground. Front-loading units have become all the rage. Why? Because they have a much greater capacity for the amount of linen they can hold making them significantly more efficient. There is one major drawback however!

Utilizing these amazingly efficient machines is going to require you to bend or kneel when loading and unloading them. No fun right? But by raising up your Washer and Dryer you eliminate this issue entirely. Some units already come with a raised drum design, but if you can’t afford to buy a new unit right now simply having a strong cabinets or frame to put them on can really save your back.

Make use of rolling laundry bins. There is no sense in throwing out your back lifting a heavy basket if you don’t need to. Especially when you’re just moving your laundry within the same room, why put the extra strain on yourself?

It’s important to to consider what kind of flooring you have. Obviously wood flooring is going to make this tip far more reasonable. Changing or finishing the flooring might be the next thing you consider for your laundry renovations. The amount of efficiency that is added to your laundry routine cannot be overstated with the simple improvement of rolling laundry bins.

Get a pre rinse faucet. When it comes to doing regular laundry this really isn’t something worth investing in; however, if you have young children or someone in your home who gets dirty or muddy often, then you’ve surely encountered the pain that is trying to rinse off caked on mud from clothing before it goes into the wash.

A basic faucet just doesn’t cut it. For your next set of laundry renovations consider getting a pre rinse faucet. A pre rinse faucet is specifically made for commercial kitchens where you need to get caked on food off the plate before putting it into the dishwasher. One thing to consider is because a pre rinse faucet loops up high so that you can easily clean off objects, it also requires more space so you need to make sure you have ample space above.

Another set of laundry renovations to consider would be having open shelving for your most frequently used items directly above or beside your washer and dryer. There are two major benefits here:

  1. You have easy access to the things you use the most without having the added strain of opening and closing drawers or cabinet doors all the time.
  2. Because everything is on display you are far more likely to keep these items well organized.

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