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Incorporate Nostalgia to Your Next Video Production

Posted in Marketing


We all feel nostalgic sometimes. And usually, it gives us a positive feeling. If you are running out of ideas for your next video production, use nostalgic marketing. Here’s why:

What’s Nostalgia?

Nostalgia induced us to recall memories for a time or period. Whenever we feel nostalgic, we brought back the golden years by listening to music or watching old movies. But before Swiss physician Johannes Hofer coined the term, it is first defined as a mental sickness back in the 17th century.

Why it is Powerful

In a study from the Journal of Consumer and Research, they found that when someone feels nostalgic, the higher the chance to spend money or donate. No wonder, why nostalgia is powerful especially as a marketing strategy.

How to do It?

Companies who have been using nostalgia are proven to drive sales and reach a wider audience. And since video production is one of a marketing strategy, nostalgia is perfect to put in your next ads.


Edit your ads and use a sepia tone to make it vintage. You can make it grainy and a little bit shaky to make it older than it is.

Black and White

Black and white videos portray the video production from yesteryears. Aside from bringing nostalgic effect, it also helps the viewers focus more on the story because there’s no distraction of shades.

Silent Video

Create a Charlie Chaplin film alike by making silent ads. Just create a simple story so viewers will catch your message even in no sound.

80’s Theme

Neon Colours and boomboxes cassette tapes should not be missing in your next 80’s production. Look for 80’s commercial for inspiration.

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