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Myths about Protein Supplements Busted

Posted in Health & Fitness

There is a fine line between truth and myth, and very often we consider myth as truth. Protein supplements are also not far from the dimensions of myth.

Most of the myths don’t have any scientific base, and they exist only on the basis of rumours or any particular group or community’s opinions. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent myths about protein powders.

Athletes don’t Require Extra Proteins

It is generally assumed that athletes don’t require extra protein, only a balanced diet is sufficient enough for them. But this myth is wrong, as athletes muscles tear down due to intense training and workouts; so they require extra protein more than an ordinary person to recover those torn muscles.

Proteins Make you Obese

You will often hear people saying, that proteins make you obese, this is a half true myth. The complete truth is that protein supplements accompanied with training and workouts lead to extra muscle formation, which is essential for athletes and people, who do intense training.

Supplements fasten their process of burning fats and stimulate the metabolism. However, supplements not followed by training, add extra muscles in your body and make you look big. Buy gym equipments so that you can continue your workouts even on winter.

All supplements are same

There is another myth, which considers all the supplements in the same category. But in real, they all differ based on their quality. There come different types of protein supplements giving different benefits.

For instance, whey proteins strengthen immune system and hydrolysate proteins provide anabolic benefits. You need to choose your supplement based on your particular requirement.