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Mistakes in Making a Logo Design

Posted in Marketing

Business Logo Design is very important nowadays if you are planning to have a business. So here are some common mistakes in making a logo design.

First is amateur designing. This will not attract customers because the logo design is not good to look at. There are many people who are new to business industry and want to try a fast success already. They could not do that. Your business logo designshould be perfect, if you want a successful business. Avoid logos that are cheap to look at. If the business owner is saving money then your logo will be at risk because they will just use cheap materials.

It is not advisable to use a raster image for your business logo design. It will just cost you problem when it comes to reproduction. If you will zoom this raster image it will become pixelated. Downloading your logo design will just ruin it. It will cause you more trouble. Many amateurs do this because they say it would be easier for them if they just search it then download after.

Making your own business logo design is not just a game. With your company logo, it is like the bread winner of it all. It brings the name of your business. And that will mark already on the minds of the customers. Sometimes also, because of your ego you will be designing for yourself rather than your client. You make things more complicated. Next is, you make a design that is very intricate. The more detailed you are the more that your customers won’t understand it. It will be very confusing. This is a common mistake. Designers cannot wait anymore to add color to their designs. Color will bring beauty to the eyes of the clients and customers.

Poor choice of font for a business logo design is totally disgusting. A logo fails it’s because of the poor choice of the font. If the font is not clear or too thin or big then it’s not good also. Not nice to look at. Using so many fonts can make your customers go crazy. The viewers can’t recognize it anymore. Seeing many different fonts may cause confusion to people. This is the biggest mistake of all, the copying of logo designs. It’s a big NO! But unfortunately, many people tend to do this. The purpose of your logo is to represent your business, so deal with it.