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Methods Used in Carpet Cleaning

There are many good reasons why you  need to call a cleaning company. Aside from helping you save time, you can also save money as well. These experts also know what materials and method to use.

The most common methods that they use are steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and deep shampooing.

Steam cleaning requires the use of hot water. The carpet will be soaked in hot water and the technicians will use a vacuum cleaner to extract the water out. This is the most popular type of method because it is effective in removing dirt and even small stains.

In dry cleaning, the carpet will be vacuum first to remove the soil. After that, the cleaner will spray a chemicals solution. Next, they will use cotton absorbent pads immersed in hot water and scrub the dirt. The dirt will now form in crystals that can be vacuum after.

The foam or shampooing method use shampoo solution that will transform into a heavy foam. The foam is brushed into the carpet using a brush. Once it has been dried, they will now use a vacuum to remove the shampoo and the particles that are in the fibre. If you want to save time, this method is for you as the carpet can quickly dry and get clean.

Make sure you clean your carpets every week using this tips but if you don’t know what method is suitable for you, it’s better to trust the professionals. These cleaners have the experience and expertise. So, they know the materials and the technique that is appropriate for your carpet. While DIY can work, it’s hard to take a risk as using the wrong solutions and methods can ruin and affect the carpet’s quality. If you want to be sure that you won’t damage it and you won’t spend more in terms of replacement, best opt for a carpet cleaning company. Just make sure to make your research first so you will not end up with the wrong one.