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Methods Used In Carpet Cleaning

Posted in Home Maintenance

Carpet cleaning is the art of removing stains, dirt, sand, dust, debris and any other form of impurity from the carpet through several methods and use of various implements for health and beautification purposes. There are several ways to clean a carpet. This article will consider the possible ways you can clean a carpet. They are:

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning systems for carpets rely on specialized machines. These machines operate on a low moisture basis. They involve dry compounds complimented by the application of cleaning solutions. Soiled areas require still removals to be applied to the affected spot. These cleaning solutions break the binding molecules of stains to carpet fibers within a short period of time. This method of carpet cleaning is the most professional.



Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaners make use of air pumps to suck up dust and dirt from floors and carpets. Filtering systems in the vacuum cleaner collect dirt, dust and debris for disposal. Modern vacuums use rotational vacuum heads and spray jets to attain deep cleaning of the carpet.

Hot water Extraction Cleaning

The hot water extraction cleaning uses equipment that spray hot water with added cleaning chemicals on the carpet. While the equipment is spraying water, it is simultaneously vacuuming the sprayed water along with dislodged dirt. Carpet manufacturers always recommend professional hot water extraction services for the carpet. A hot water extraction method uses the largest amount of water in carpet cleaning.


Sweeping is the use of a sweep to remove debris and dirt from a carpet. This is a manual activity that can only be used for peripheral cleaning. It cannot remove stains and odor from the carpet.

How to test a carpet for color steadfastness:

a. Look for an inconspicuous spot on the carpet.

b. Vacuum the spot with a vacuum cleaner.

c. Dampen a handkerchief with the cleaning solution/stain removal you intend to use.

d. Lay the handkerchief on the carpet for an hour.

e. Remove the handkerchief and use a dry handkerchief to wipe the spot. If the dry handkerchief is stained with carpet dyes, then you need to use another cleaning solution that will not bleed your carpet color.

It is of paramount importance that you consider the method you use while cleaning a carpet. This will go a long way in determining the duration of in which you carpet will take before wearing off. Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind the type of material used to make the carpet when choosing the method to choose while cleaning. Check for more details.