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Maximize Available Space in Your Storage Unit

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If you are moving to a new city, renting storage unit is advisable as you have time to search for an accommodation before shifting your belongings. It is advisable to hire a climate controlled storage unit in Adelaide but it will cost a bit more.

Therefore, you need to keep in mind certain tips while you are packing your things up at a storage unit.

Label it all

When you are putting all the items in a box and sealing it for later use, it is necessary to label it. While retrieving, it becomes easy to select the most important items first. You will also be able to put all the items in the storage unit uniformly if you are aware of the items in each box. Keep the costly and bigger items at the back. If the lock at the storage unit is picked, you will still be able to save the costly items which are also quite heavy.

Lock it up

Use an all weather pad lock to lock your storage unit. It is necessary in case there is any picketing or robbery at the unit. While most storage units have surveillance camera and extra security system at storage units, it is better to safe than sorry. Locking it with a good key pad lock will also give you a mental relief that you have secured the storage unit properly.

Stack them up

While all the storage units may not be spacious, so you have to make most of the space.

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