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LED lighting, New Fashion of patterning with light

Posted in Home Designs

In a university, sometimes we can see one students falling love with another. After several dates or years of being together, they might want to engage with each other. At least one of them I think. If both of them are not planning to go any further with the relationship, then they simply break up. Those who, primary male students want to engage with his or her other half or even ask for marriage might want to make a buzz to grab attention.

Most of time, what I found in the campus were that they tend to use tons of candles to make a pattern of a heart right under the other half’s dormitories.¬† It is truly very fabulous to be looked at from upstairs. a heart of jumping flames is a romantic scene enough, plus the yelling from the hero downstairs, there are few people could refuse such an offer, at least it is true for a split second.

However, behind the scene is this hero busy preparing candles all day? He or she must firstly bought tons of candles and make a pattern, and then this group of people has to light them up one by one using a lighter or a matchstick if the person is truly old-fashion. During the process, it is extremely dangerous if wind blow over and extinguish one single flame since the whole pattern would be gone. Therefore most of the time the group of people just split out and stand as human walls to block the wind.

This is way too complicated. Instead of using candles, why not try the wonderful easy-to-use LED lighting chains? Throughout the years, LED light chains have been widely used to decorate festivals and events. Some people even use them to create patterns that look gorgeous in the night. With similar thought in mind, students can actually use a chain of LED lighting instead of candles to make the pattern.

There are two benefits of using LED lighting. First of all, it is just so integrated into a chain that one can easily make a pattern with it and light them all up at once. Saving one lots of time and money to prepare, it might boost the success rate of one’s campaign. Secondly, never mind the wind again, they are not going to blow the electricity dead.

Even after the event, one can even repackage the LED lighting chains and borrow it to others! It is truly a green and environmental-friendly solution after all. Get your LED lights to a reliable LED lighting distributor New Zealand now.