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Learn Some Day Spa Etiquette

Posted in Health & Beauty

A day in a day spa is certainly what you need if you are already so stressed with endless work for the whole week. Remember, we are not machines. We are only humans and we can only do so much. You might have worked so much for your family but you also need to rejuvenate. There is also a life besides work you know and we don’t stay as we are. Every day we age and without us knowing, technologies cannot do anything about it anymore. So, while there is still something that you can do, go on and indulge yourself. You also have the right to be pampered as life is not all about paying bills. Make a plan to hit the best day spa Sydney in the weekends like you can even go with your partner of just with friends for you to have time to bond at the same time.

Is this the first time you will be going to a day spa? If so, better learn some spa etiquette and you can check for them below:

- First is to turn off your phone. This is not only for the fact that you might be bothering the person next to you when someone will call you or you make a call as the atmosphere in a day spa is supposed to be quiet. But at the same time, this is also for you so that you can fully relax. Think of this as your day off. Besides, there are really day spas that won’t allow phones.

- Depending on what you plan to do in a day spa, you should at least give yourself 30 minutes to prepare thus you should arrive at least 30 minutes earlier. Take note that this is supposed to be your time to relax thus there is no need to rush about anything.

- Don’t be afraid to speak what you prefer. When getting a massage, you will be asked beforehand if you prefer a male or female therapist. However, if you will just leave this matter to them, most likely they will assign a male massage therapist to you since most of the customers prefer female. You must also tell the massage therapist if you have some preferences when it comes to the massage like more pressure in particular areas and so on, if you need more blanket and many others. You might not know this but most days spas will prefer it if you will be comfortable the whole time you are in their spa.

- Note that when it comes to massages, you have to be stripped down though you can keep your underwear but still it might limit the task of the massage therapist. However, if you are uncomfortable with this situation, you can instead choose another treatment that is still close to massaging but you can keep your clothes on.

So, these are some of the things you should watch out when you will check a day spa.