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Kneeboarding Starts for Beginners

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For beginners the selection of kneeboards is very important so they can gain stability and enjoy this fun activity to the maximum.  A lot of things depend on rider’s ability and selection of a kneeboard, so small and big jumps could be taken easily. If beginners understand the concept of kneeboarding, they will soon be able to perform deep water diving.

Kneeboard selection

For beginners, the plastic kneeboards which are roto molded can be ideal. It works well even for intermediate riders and manufacturers have created various shapes to enhance the performance of the rider. Boards with sharper edges are better than the rounded ones as it will help the rider to hold an edge easily.

Double lock straps are great for holding the rider but they must not be used on the plastic boards. The beginners can also use the low buoyancy Kneeboard which will sink a bit in water while the rider stands on the board and helps him to hold the position well. You can go ahead easily and before the boats pull you, you can strap yourself.

Once the rider understands the tricks, then he or she can select fiberglass composite boards which are much more durable and a quality selection of difficult riding events. For beginners, boards with retractable fins are sold more. This helps the board to go straight and maintain stability, but once the rider gains competency, he would not need this feature.

It is better to start without straps as you can get a hang of the board easily.

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