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Kitchen Design to Avoid

Posted in Home Designs

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, whatever your lifestyle is, the kitchen is where you prepare meals- which is normally three meals in a day. If you hold parties at home, the kitchen is also a place to hangout (usually among women) and makes some small talks over a glass of wine. It is important, therefore, that the kitchen design allows enough space to move about without causing some traffic and the proper placement of the three kitchen essentials or referred to as the kitchen triad- the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove. Enumerated below is a list some of the kitchen design that you need to avoid so as to prevent accidents and foot traffic:



Prevent any obstruction in the kitchen triad

These three areas- the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator are the most commonly used in the kitchen. For this reason, any obstruction might lead to accidents, to spillage, to traffic, among others. When planning for a kitchen design, you must know that the sink is the most heavily used among the three areas of the kitchen triad and from the sink, you must be able to move to the refrigerator or the stove with ease and with no obstruction at all.

Add more storage space as possible

You have many things to put in the kitchens Sydney and that is why when planning for a kitchen design, be sure to add more storage space as possible. You can construct a cabinet on top of the refrigerator,  the cabinets can also be ceiling-high. The important thing is for you to have an ample storage space for all your small (spice bottles) and medium-sized kitchen gadgets ( food processor and electric mixer). It is also advisable that you provide a kitchen space for your rubbish. In planning a kitchen design, the rubbish or the garbage cans are placed inside a cabinet for hygienic purposes.

Insufficient lighting

The kitchen must be bright in order for you to see clearly what you are chopping or slicing, lest you can only hurt yourself. The brighter the kitchen is, the better it is to work easier. You can add pendant lights, cabinet lights, among others.

Foregoing the splashback

When planning for a kitchen design, do not forget to add splashback. Some may find this unnecessary but it will make your kitchen look cleaner. This is because the splashback that is made from tiles or ceramics are much easier to maintain or clean than a painted wall.