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Kinds of Dinnerware that You Need for Your Home

Posted in Hospitality

Crockery or dinnerware should be one of the items that you should buy for your home. You just cannot do without basic crockery no matter how you run your household. That is why it is absolutely essential that you buy crockery only from reputable brands such as Maxwell & Williams who are one of the most-renowned names in this sector.

Categories of Crockery

It is best to invest in materials and styles that look great both at formal and informal settings if you are low on budget. Or else, you can opt for stoneware or melamine for regular use and porcelain for fancy parties.


Glass crockery is something that looks wonderful both at formal and informal occasions. The unique cut of glass crockery allows it to reflect light from different facets, making the entire piece look so gorgeous and uber cool! Glass crockery can perfectly compliment any formal or informal setting and can be a wise investment especially when you are buying crockery for your new home for the first time.


This is perhaps the strongest of all ceramic based crockery and is usually prepared by treating regular ceramic to very high temperatures. Stoneware is also extremely durable because of which it is much preferred by homeowners for regular use.


However, the most durable and user-friendly of all is perhaps crockery made from melamine. This is a hard and extremely durable variety of plastic that is just perfect for regular use. There is little risk of your melamine plates or bowls breaking or getting scratched no matter how you (or your kids) handle melamine crockery.

Essential Crockery

When setting up home for the first time, you will need certain basic crockery items both for regular use and to serve to guests. These should include dinner plates, serving dishes in different sizes, shallow bowls, deep bowls, gravy bowls, dessert plates, salad platter, cups, saucers and different styles of glass for water and other beverages.